Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Beginning (09/11/09-13/11/09)

Hello! Welcome to my humble internet log, chronicalling my efforts at painting toy soldiers for wargames (and the occasional RPG or display piece) during my lunchbreaks at work.

So, five hours' of painting a week, using Olley Painting Points to monitor my success or failure. I'll also be using this blog to try and organise my painting backlog and projects - and, hopefully, entertain and inform on the way!

And without further ado - the first week:

I concentrated on painting the test figures for my 40K Tau Empire army, with the emphasis strongly on Empire - Varingr (using Hasslefree Grymn), Kroot, Vespid, humans, and others. These are below - a bonded Firewarrior Shas'la with pulse carbine, and a Varingr JNCO with bolt carbine.

The army is based for FIBUA games (CityFight). Drones, Battlesuits, and vehicles will all wear Berlin Brigade (BAOR) camouflage as I think it's the best urban camo for vehicles ever devised! The Varigr wear similar clothes - although in varying colours, depending on the unit - but each Varingr personalises their armour with runes and paintings. Future Varingr will have much more complex paintings, but I'm proud of the flower.

Next week - Mordheim!

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