Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Undercoats and Basing

Well, that was a particularly productive lunch hour. All 8 Skye Battalion men are now resplendent in khaki tunics and khaki-green puttees, with the officer wearing a private-purchase grey greatcoat and leather gaiters.

On top of that, I finally finished the bounty huntress for Song of Blades and Heroes, and created the 'template' for basing for that system: 25mm round slottabase, with static grass applied using emerald green paint and a nice, dull olive green edging. Fantastical!

I'll post a picture of her tonight.

For those of you who are interested, I painted the Skye Battalion tunics with Graveyard Earth (GW) highlighted by mixing Desert Yellow (GW). I sped up the painting by 'wet-brushing', which is like dry brushing but with more paint on the brush.

Now! A poll! Of sorts. Which MacLeod tartan should the Skye Battalion wear on their trews? There are two main types - Green MacLeod and Yellow MacLeod:


The Green is older (1831 but probably older still) than the Yellow (1841) and certainly more practical for the field in terms of camouflage, but the temptation to have soldiers with yellow trousers is quite strong, I must admit... thoughts, please!


Olley Painting Point Totals:

This week: 1
Total OPP for 2009: 4


  1. I'm thinking Rupert Bear when I see the yellow tartan. ;)