Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tartan is Hard

The customary lunchtime update!

In just under an hour of working on the SB men, I highlighted the base blue of the trews, highlighted the puttees, painted the webbing Scorched Brown, the rifle furniture Vermin Brown, and put the first, light green, stripes on the tartan. I still need to apply the yellow (!!) and red stripes as well as put in the dark green squares where the light green cross over each other.

Oh, I should note that I highlighted the tunics with Kommando Khaki, not Desert Yellow as previously stated.

If all goes well the SB men should be done early next week, as all that remains is:

1) Tartan Trews
2) Tam-O-Shanters - now going to have Dark Angels Green pompoms on black.
3) Flesh and hair
4) Rifles - gunmetal and black
5) Touch up boots and jackets
6) Base

I won't be painting anything seriously tomorrow as I have to go out for the Friday Lunch with my co-workers. I may get some done on the Red Witch in the morning and afternoon tho'.

On the photo front, I still don't have my camera. I think it's been hidden by my son, whose ability to crawl at great speed is becoming unnerving...

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