Sunday, 22 November 2009

London for Mosley - a Very British Civil War

Periodically, phenomenon periods sweep the wargaming community. I remember Darkest Africa, which was followed by Pirates, and the latest is 'A Very British Civil War'. This is an interesting grassroots alternative history, developed by wargamers who have looked - in many cases in great, academic, detail - to their local areas, and created a brave new war: the 1938 Civil War, started with the refusal of Edward to abdicate, the appointment of Mosley to PM, and the return of the International Brigades. It's a strange country, with a Republican Scotland, militant Anglicans, a Red Army, Communist city-states, Nationalist Wales, Fascist London, and more.

My contribution to this madness is, or so the plan goes, a small group of BUF 'Action Squad' men led by the redoubtable Ms Fletcher (Copplestone Castings), some armed police (courtesy of Artizan Designs), and a group of armed civilians (Musketeer Miniatures) to oppose them. I intend to get a load of '30s civilians to populate the streets of London, too.

This project will be called - drumroll, please - Police Action!

So far I've got some RIC men (Musketeer) which will get slightly converted to wear boots, and be painted up as BUF troops, and - again from Muskteer - a load of IRA men and some Black and Tans. Not sure what I'll use the Black and Tans for tho'.


I've just dug the above mentioned figures out:

BUF - Officer with webley, NCO with shotgun, three blokes with rifles
Black & Tans - Officer? with shotgun in greatcoat, Sgt, Lewis Gun team (3 figs), three blokes with rifles
Urban Guerillas - Lewis Gun team (3 figs).

I think I'll paint the B&Ts up as, well, B&Ts. I'm sure I can fit them in somehow, and it'll give me the ability to game the Irish Wars too.

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