Monday, 30 November 2009

Post-Painting Musings

The SB men are nearly done. I just need to finish their skin and base them, then they can be shipped off home to join the other finished figs in the carry cases. They're looking quite good, but - as is always the way - every time I pick one up I either see a speck of completely unpainted metal (arrg) or a bit I haven't yet painted in a colour I've already used (arrrrrgh).

I've gone for simplicity and given them all black hair, and won't be bothering with eyes. These will be strictly tabletop standard, and are an exercise in painting a unit en masse and quickly - all in all I will have spent about seven hours on them once done, which is slightly less than an hour a figure (about 52-53 mins each, if my maths is right). Not bad!

Tonight I plan to post the first in a series of 'Projects To Do' - pictures of figures that are painted, semi-painted, or unpainted, which are part of a particular project. At first it'll be limited to what I have at home (Necromunda, Battletech, Warhammer 40K and Gangs of Mega-City One if I recall correctly), but as I both buy new things and pick up old ones from my parents' house, this will expand.

I may even shock and awe you all with a list of my projects at some point in the future... watch this space!

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