Monday, 23 November 2009

See, over all the streets the Fascist banners waving

And now, my VBCW figures - so far...


From top to bottom, left-to-right, we have: 8 members of the Skye Battalion, who've been lucky enough to be issued full uniforms, 3 adventurers for the Back of Beyond (aka Wynd-Grator's forces, although I'm much more tempted to paint them up as, well, adventurers in the Empire for a more generic 1920s-30s Pulp style of game), an Anarchist Lewis gun team, and 6 members of the BUF including 'Flying' Fay Taylour, for once not on a motorbike.

You may just be able to make out the extra shiny leg on the BUF man 2nd from left - this is where I made a feeble attempt to file away his trouser and turn it into a jackboot. It failed, I gave up, and argued that the 'Action' uniform has been altered to make it more practical for fighting in.

These chaps (and chapesses) are accompanying me to work today, and I hope to make a start on them this week.

Oh, and for those of you who want some pictures of civilians from the 1930s in colour, YouTube can be an interesting resource. Searching for 'BUF Anthem' or 'Hunger March' is a good start.

EDIT: Finally worked out how to get photos to behave! Huzzah!

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