Monday, 23 November 2009

Mordheim (16/11/09-17/11/09)

Last week was rather truncated, with just two days' worth of painting-at-work (PAW) achieved, as my baby son fell seriously ill with some nasty viral infection and landed in hospital for three days. He's better now (hurray) and when I got back to work I found that my paints and figures were exactly where I'd left them, so I don't need to cart them to and from work at the weekends now. Hurray again!

So, what did I paint? Well, I have a soft spot for skirmish games, Mordheim and Necromunda especially. In that vein, I decided to go for a GW model of a High Elf mercenary. Only, now, in my hands, he's become Ilyian Singletear, Tor Sethain diplomatic escort, charged with keeping his lord alive in the ruined city of Mordheim while he hunts for a lost High Elf arcane item...


...and there he is in all his glory! I'm rather proud of the armour, which I painted following advice from Mike McVey in an old White Dwarf (192 or 196 I believe) to wash Mithril Silver with blue to show it as clean and polished, rather than poorly made or badly repaired.

His elven cloak, too, is something I like - despite the hideous mould line that I didn't notice until far too late - but I can't help but feel the sword could be a bit neater. Oh well. The face is well worth being pleased about, although the eyes! oh, sweet madness, the eyes! Why did I try and do eyeliner? Temporary insanity I suppose.

Also on the Mordheim front, I've been painting up The Red Witch (a Reaper model bought from Orc's Nest, an excellent - if small - shop in Covent Garden), with a Chaos worshipper from Hasslefree and the aforementioned High Elf lord in the pipeline. You should see some progress on those this week if VBCW doesn't get in the way too much.

Olley Painting Points for 15-16/11/09: 1
Total OPP for 2009: 3

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