Friday, 27 November 2009

In The Nick of Time

Ha! I just managed to save myself from not updating today, as it's now five to midnight, and here are the promised Painting In Progress (PIP) images from today:


Moral of the story? Tartan is hard! Despite the pictures, it does look very effective at a distance, i.e. from eye to tabletop. So I'm not too bothered, and next time I won't be painting as fast as I can to try and get 8 figures tartaned up in 25 minutes.

Also today, I made an order for some toy soldiers and recieved my copy of Song of Blades and Heroes, which was well worth the £3 I paid for it! The toy soldiers are Studio McVey's stunning 30mm Seraphine la Rouge, a voodooesque woman with python, and three Hasslefree fantasy female Nubians. They're going to form the core of a small SoBaH warband. Expect to see them next week if the post is kind to me.

And now - to bed!

1 comment:

  1. A great start to the painting -well done . I look forward to seeing them completed!