Monday, 30 November 2009

The Flash of Action, the Circle of Unity

Today I got home from work (via a meal out and a quick shop with my better half) to find a small package awaiting me. Well, that is to say, there were two Danish matchboxes, a clear plastic bag with two rolls of corduroy, a crumpled letter, and a savagely torn open paddy bag, with teethmarks. My 10 month old son had managed to steal the packet from my wife and, before she noticed, had torn it open with his hands and upended the contents!

Impressive, most impressive. Anyway, inside were 7 Empress (nee Anglian) Miniatures' Assault Guards painted by Al Front of the Gentleman's Wargames Parlour as BUF men in the Action uniform, a sten-gun wielding Captain Haddock, and a female pilot. The latter two are, I think, from Artizan Designs, but I may be wrong.

Together with my 5 BUF chaps, that gives me a group of 12. I can organise them into three sections of 4 - each of an officer, an NCO, and two riflemen. The BUF in London now outnumber their Anarchist enemies 4:1 - but the Anarchists have a Lewis gun...

I took photos of the contents, and you can see where, despite their packaging (cotton wool), they need touching up after chipping en route. They're really nicely painted and all I intend to do to them is rebase them to fit in with the grey 'urban' bases I plan to do the rest of the Police Action! figures with.


Hopefully I'll get to start working on these fellows tomorrow.

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