Monday, 18 January 2016

An Open Mind Is Like A Fortress With Its Gates Unbarred

With that charmingly cheerful title out the way (it's all these Black Templars that I've been painting, I tells you!) I have come to share a blog post that is full of Extremely Useful Information, from a fascinating and particularly joyous blog, the Realm of Chaos 80s by Orlygg.

I have lots of Space Marines to paint strip. My preferred strip medium, Fairy Power Spray, was watered down and rendered useless last year, so I turned to the internet, and now, thanks to Orlygg, I know that what I need is DETTOL. Specifically, antiseptic brown Dettol.

I'll ask my artist partner Sarah to get me some next time she's in town.

Now, it's back to the painting table - I want to see if I can get the Emperor's Champion finished today. Imperator Dei Vult!

PS: The Imperium's Thought For The Day is probably my very favourite thing about the 40K universe.

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