Friday, 15 January 2016

Retrospective Day 6 - More Varingr (and more Black Templars)!

I have another squad of Varingr, this time armed with boltguns, a heavy stubber, and a grenade launcher, to provide a bit of mid-range fire support for the rest of the auxiliaries. I really really like the grenadier, which is a fantastic example of Kev White's sculpting genius.

Excuse the glare, I couldn't be bothered to open the display case...!

And in terms of new stuff, I got home from work, wrote some poems, and then finished my Black Templars' Sword Brethren Assault Terminator squad:

I like the way the freehand Maltese crosses turned out; they're a right pain in the bum to paint. Next up is going to be the Castellan, then the Emperor's Champion, before I start doing the basic Initiates.

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