Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Black Templars - Finished...

...for now.

As with all armies, they're never really finished. At least, not until you have at least one of every option available to you in the army book. That's my argument and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, here you go:

 Neophytes from Crusader Squad Kinereich...
 ...and Crusader Squad Kinereich in all it's black and white glory. DEUS IMPERATOR VULT!

 Assault Squad Lachlan, with Reclusiarch von Stahl. 11 frothing 8' tall superhuman religious maniacs, hopped up on zeal and belief and armed with automatic RPG pistols and monomolecular teethed chainsaw-swords, propelled by nuclear fusion powered jump packs and wearing powered armour suits that will stop pretty much anything short of an anti-tank weapon. Oh, and don't forget the napalm-throwers. Two of those. Just in case, you know, they meet anyone they think is a heretic.

Protip: that's pretty much everyone. You heretics.

 A terrible close-up, but this at least shows off the cool Forgeworld Rogue Trader style flamer. 

And an even worse close-up! I must say, hand-painting Maltese Crosses is... something I am glad I don't have to do for a while.

And that's that! 1,500 points of Black Templars for 4th Edition 40K. I really should actually play a game with them at some point.

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