Friday, 8 January 2016

Tau Army - HQ - Retrospective Day 1

I thought, seeing as I have just finished the XV-88 'Broadsides', that I may as well start my retrospective look at 2015 with the rest of my Tau.

So here's the HQ; a Shas'O and his two XV-8 Shas'Ui bodyguards (and his drones: a shield drone and a marker drone).

The camouflage is Zandri Dust with Graveyard Earth and (I think) Waaaagh Flesh, details in red and green with gloss varnish. The paint scheme is nice and simple and easy to do, if a bit time-consuming.

I will, I think, eventually add an Ethereal with Firewarrior bodyguard, just because it'd be rude not to I suppose. Tomorrow I'll show you the Stealth Team.

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