Saturday, 23 January 2016

More Iron Warriors!

I have been quiet for a few days because of life, but I have not been idle...

 Noise Marines - the cult troops of Slaanesh, bound to the 12th Grand Company's Warlord by ancient vows and shared experience. Surprisingly fun to paint, although all the gold detailing made me put off painting them for - ooh - about a year?

 First half of the second Crusader Squad for my Amalthean Crusade Black Templars, with their natural allies, the Sisters of Battle.

 Warsmith Koczan, one of the officers of the 12th Grand Company, commander of a squad of Iron Warriors, and veteran of the long, long war. He remembers the Gates of Terra, and the Imperial Palace burning. He remembers these things, and many others, and has long since given up all ideas and hope. Now he kills because he always has, he fights because he knows nothing else.

The Cult of the Many Ways (or at least most of it, I need another six figures for this unit) - Tzeentchian cultists utilised by the 12th Grand Company as a mix of cannon fodder and distraction. Held beneath contempt by the Astartes who direct them, the cultists care only that they are serving the Gods themselves.


  1. Oh, those piratical cultists are so cool. Kinda reminiscent in all the best ways of those old Rogue Trader space adventurer figures. The guy with the sword and shield is perfect.

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