Sunday, 17 January 2016

Black Templars - ATTACK!

Well, I was going to post some Tau, but then I spent the day painting Black Templars, so instead...
Castellan al-Rahman, Amalthean Crusade, Black Templars Chapter

Initiates, Crusader Squad Barabas, Amalthean Crusade, Black Templars Chapter. Maltese Crosses are an absolute pain to freehand. Also of note is that the senior Initiate has parts in him from 1st edition (RTB01 powerfist), 2nd Edition (Cypher's left arm and a Valhallan bolt pistol), 3rd Edition (body and upper right arm), 4/5th Edition (legs, right shoulder pad, and head) and 6/7th Edition (back banner).

Next up is the Emperor's Champion and some more Initiates. I then need to paintstrip 9 Assault Marines and and 10 metal Scouts. Anyone got any advice for a replacement chemical instead of Fairy Power Spray? I hear good things about Dettol, but I don't know what type of Dettol...

Also, if anyone fancies giving away a NiB Land Raider Crusader, do please let me know.

And finally...

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