Thursday, 28 January 2016

Return to the Underhive

OK, so I've been a busy chap since I finished those Black Templars. I went rummaging for Stuff To Paint (no shortage of figures in this flat) and happened to open my Necromunda drawer.

Aha, thought I, here's a project I can pick up!

So I mass-undercoated all my bare metal Ratskins, Orlocks, Escher, Goliaths, Scum, and so on and so forth, and am going to steadily work my way through them.

To start with, I've been focussing on the Ash Waste Nomad gang I bought for an absolute song some time ago now (in fact I think I picked them up around about the same time I moved into this flat, which is nearly four years ago now).

 L-R: Nomad Leader, ganger with autorifle, ganger with double-bladed knife and autopistol.

L-R: Juve, ganger with long rifle, heavy, ganger with club and autopistol, heavy.

Just three more to finish. These chaps have been nice and quick because I'd bought them essentially painted, so really all I've done is rebase them and touch them up, with a little bit of repainting here and a bit of polish there to bring them up to my standard.

Oh, and I've been working on a few other odds and ends too, like this fellow:

He is the Apothecary of the 6th Cohort, 12th Grand Company, Legio IV Iron Warriors. Otherwise known as my Iron Warriors army. Anyway, he worships Grandfather Nurgle, the god of disease and decay and entropy. Rather apt, for a medic, I thought. If all else fails, pray to the god of disease that your injury doesn't go gangrenous and drop off.

Or become a tentacle.

Or develop a nurgling infestation.

Next up - more Ash Waste Nomads, another 'hero' of the VI Cohort, and then... more Necromunda!

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