Monday, 11 January 2016

Retrospective Day 3 - Tau Firewarrior Squad

Missed a day - I got all caught up in assembling my second IKEA 'Detolf' display cabinet and putting toy soldiers into it (my Tau, and the painted bits of my Iron Warriors, Necromunda and Inquisitor stuff, and my Warhammer Empire army).

Anyway, here's the first of my Tau army's troops choices - a simple squad of 12 Firewarriors with pulse rifles, led by a Shas'ui with bonding knife.

I do eventually want a second squad of these chaps, along with a nice big fat squad of Kroot with all the trimmings (Shaper, Krootox, Kroot hounds, all that palava). The general theme for my Tau is that it's a defence/garrison force from a Third Sphere expansion world, so there's a lot of auxiliaries - humans, squats (Varingr), Vespid, kroot - to bulk out the Tau presence.

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