Thursday, 7 January 2016

It Liiiives!

Igor - quickly - the electricity! To maximum power!

Ahhh! YES! Yeeeessss! It liiiives!!


So it's been a while, eh?

Well. Sorry about that. Life got a bit strange. I'm doing better now. And I haven't been idle. Since I last wrote on here I have finished a Sisters of Battle army, almost completed my Imperial Guard army, and done a load of other stuff.

Which I'm going to showcase over the next few weeks, a unit a day, starting tomorrow. Just thought I'd build the expectation really. I know, I know, I'm evil. Mwahahahahaa and all that.

Here, have some links to keep you going!

The Molgravian Gazette - my 18th Century Imagi-Nations Project
Patrick MacLeod Cullen - my poetry corner

And a music video that I really like:

I listened to that one a lot when I was painting my Sisters of Battle.

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