Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Eight Down, Umpteen Hundred To Go

Today I finished the Skye Battalion men. They look rather spiffing, if I do say so myself! I also undercoated the chipped areas on the Al Front Barracks BUF men, and painted their bases black in preparation for urbanisation.

This represents a small chip out of the ever-growing Unpainted Mountain (I say unpainted rather than lead because almost none of my models are made of lead), and another tiny step on the road to victory! Eventually I hope to be in a position where the only models I have to paint are those I've just bought or are about to buy.

Some hope, eh?

Pictures will, of course, be put up this evening.

One of these days I'll catalogue my Unpainted Mountain, although I suspect that might cause me to die of horror. As an example, from memory, I have the following at home:

40-50 unpainted Necromunda figures.
~30-40 unpainted WH40K Chaos Space Marines.
12 paint-stripped Ground Zero Games 25mm New Israelis.
~10 unpainted WH40K Eldar
5 or 6 unpainted Mordheim figures.
10 VBCW/Back of Beyond types (inc. the 5 BUF men from Musketeer).
Assorted others.

Probably comes to about 125-140 figures that I have to paint, just at home. That's not including the vast bulk of my collection, which is still at my parents' house - which includes at least 300 unpainted 28mm figures. More like 500+ if I counted them, I suspect...


  1. Not if I put them on e-bay first...
    Aha ha ha haaaaaa,

    'I am your Father, Luke'

  2. You'll get nothing for them, I've planted tiny HE charges on them all. Bwahahahaaa!

    'Rule the galaxy with you? Errr... oh go on then' - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back draft v. 2