Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back At The Coalface

Ah, the click click of keyboards and the production of words for money. Yes, I have returned to work and daily lunchtime updates! Woohoo!

Anyway, when I got into work, there was a small packet on my desk with the following stuff courtesy of Al Front, to whom eternal thanks.

8 Empress Miniatures' Falange with Rifles
2 Empress Miniatures Spanish Foreign Legion LMG teams (with the abominably bad Chauchat LMG)
4 Condor Legion advisors

Which all combine to give me a BUF NCO with SMG, an armoured car crewman, and 12 foreign legionnaires of the Black Legion. Plus a spare LMG team. I may actually fold the two LMG teams into the same platoon to give them some serious firepower and enable me to field them all. At any rate, as I need these for Evesham they've been rapidly bumped up the painting planner and will start getting painted next week I expect. Shouldn't take too long - black trousers, grey shirts, black puttees, black sidecaps with black piping and tassles, khaki blanket rolls. I'm strongly tempted to give them all different armbands or different shirts to signify their 'home' fascist movement, e.g. blue for a Falangist, green for an Iron Guardsman. On the other hand, the lack of shirt colour for some - e.g. the Ustace - means that might be a non-starter.

And then! At 12 o' clock - the post came, and lo! I got another parcel from Al Front! This time it contained a brilliant little donkey for the Skye Battalion (hurray!) and a BUF lance-corporal with rifle who'll make up the third member of the gun truck team. Both painted already, which is ace.

On top of all that, I knuckled down and have very nearly finished (from just the undercoat) my Necromunda Ratskin Warband Chief, Chief 'Bloody Hand' Chulain. All he needs doing is a bit of detailing and the base. I'm going to chalk him up as finished because I can get him done in my afternoon break.

However, I have hit a stumbling block - I'm rapidly running out of certain paints, notably black, and with funds at a fairly low level, I may have to grovel for a few bob from the family purse to replenish them. We shall see. I may even order online and try out the Coat d'Arms stuff, or the Vallejo range. I am tempted by the Foundry Paint System as it matches my style and reduces the need for mixing colours, but the price is a bit steep (£7.50 for a set, or £3 a pot). In fact I think it's more expensive than GW's stuff!

Expect photos tonight of the Skye Battalion with donkey, the expanded gun truck crew, and the Ratskin Chief.

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 1
2010 Total: 1
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 59

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