Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Bleurghh!! Nurgle Strikes!

Obviously displeased by my concentrating on the forces of the Prince of Pleasure, Slaanesh, All-Father Nurgle, Grandfather of Disease, has struck me down with about of severe D&V.

I've been using the porcelain phone on the hour, every hour, since 12:30 am GMT. Hopefully the worst is over but I doubt it...

Seriously, however, I probably picked it up from my son, who had it (very briefly - super-active immune systems for the win!) after we all spent eight hours in hospital trying to find out what's wrong with my wife.

Result: No clue as to why my wife is ill, and a bout of D&V for all - but I get it the worst! Hurray!

In sum: Me no work today. Me no paint today. But! I do have pictures; they'll be up in a little while.

PS: After this I may advance my plan for a Death Guard/Lost and the Damned plague cult army, at least if Papa Nurgle lets me get better soon. Failing that it'll be off to Comorragh and Biel-Tan as planned in order to release Isha so that SHE can make me better.

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