Wednesday, 27 January 2010

As Promised, Pictures

A little later than planned, but then again I'm ill, so nyah.

The revamped Ded Cred. Not a fan, as it turns out, of what was a Great Idea in my head. Oh well - not going to change him again, so he'll just have to have silly PVC tartan trousers until he gets his Heavy Stubber.

L-R: Black Legion CO, Black Legion 2iC, AG32 SNCO, Rolls-Royce crewman.

The black paint I'm using at the minute is an artists' acrylic, but it's crap. Chips and flakes like nobody's business. If I had the spare cash I'd get some Coat d'Arms black, but... I can't. Not yet.

Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow.


  1. Nice Black Legionaries. Like the sensible thick socks on the tin eyed officer!
    Hope the barfs leave soon.

  2. Figs look great- hope the weekend will help you all to continue to feel better...