Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Brother Karamazov

Here he is - the cyclone Terminator. I've managed to misplace Gary Bovver, the last of the Automatics, so I'll photograph him when I find him. The base represents him in action on the cobalt deserts of Beta Majoris IX (and if it doesn't fit in, well, it can always be redone).

Sadly I am now convinced that I NEED, in the same way I need to breathe, to create a small force of these unorthodox 'Sigma' Marines... more on them later.

For now, more detail regarding Veteran Brother Karamazov of the Sigma Chapter, Adeptus Astartes:


On his right pauldron (and in close-up) is the Chapter Badge, a 'Sigma'. Beneath it, in latin, is the phrase 'VULT IMP' which translates as 'Will of the Imperium' (VULT IMPERIUM). On his left pauldron is the Crux Terminatus in stone, with a perfect ruby mounted in purest gold. This mount is said to have come from the armour worn by the Emperor himself during his titanic duel with the Arch-Traitor Horus. The Crux is carved from stone.

The stylised halberd-head on his shoulderguard represents his company, First (Veteran) 'Halberd' Company. Every Sigma company is named, rather than numbered, and they are named after weapons.

Moving down, on his chest we see the bronze Imperial winged skull, the army badge of the loyalists during the Heresy. Beneath that is a golden Crux Terminatus, and lower still - on his right kneepad - there is yet another. On his left knee is the armour's number, in this case XLI or 41. This means that the suit of armour worn by Karamazov is the 41st suit of tactical dreadnought armour in the Chapter's armoury.

His power fist and storm bolter are painted red, the colour of the enemy's blood which they will shed. The power fist's scroll reads LUX IMP, or Light of the Imperium (LUX IMPERIALIS), and the skull is made from polished bone.

The Cyclone Multiple Launch Rocket System is loaded with frag (red warheads) and krak (blue) missiles, while his Phaeton-pattern storm bolter has a twin-drum magazine containing 200 bolt shells. Each bolt is a rocket-powered, cartridge-ignited, mass-reactive HE shell - in effect he is carrying a twin-barrelled semi-automatic rocket-propelled grenade launcher in 30mm calibre.

Note the complex arrangement of targeting devices - from IR lights under his wrists to multi-spectrum range- and view-finders on the Cyclone through a look-shoot weapon-helmet link sight mounted above the barrels of his storm bolter. This collection of target acquisition devices ensures that regardless of the environment, the Terminator can fight at peak efficiency and maximum effect.

Here Brother Karamazov is located on the cobalt deserts of Beta Majoris 9, the site of a vicious and bloody campaign against Chaos renegades. The hostile environment required sealed suits at all times, and the reinforced armour of the Tactical Dreadnought suits saw them spearheading assaults more often than usual. In such a role their unique status as the only units in the Chapter to wear the Chapter's colours openly (all other Marines apply chamelonic visual camouflage to their armour before a battle or operation) was vindicated as their morale effect on the lightly armoured and spacesuited human traitors could not be underestimated.

Just think, this was a single model, and now it's spawned insanity. Whee! 500 points should be enough... a Force Commander (Librarian?), some Tac Marines and a Scout Squad will do it.

Maybe. Or maybe I should expand up to 1,000...

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  1. Where's Gary Bovver?! What have you done with the poor fellow?

    Excellent painting here, though. First class. And the post itself could win a bronze medal at the Dweeb Olympics!