Thursday, 7 January 2010

Deja Vu...

Right, so I found Gary Bovver, which is great, because I'm really proud of his tattoos...

...and I took a load of photos of him and the rest of the Automatics...

...only now I can't find either the original information cable or the NEW information cable.


In less toy soldier oriented news, I took my wife and son to see Aladdin at the New Wimbledon Theatre. Brian Blessed was playing Abanazar the eeeevil wizard (without a throat mike!) and Peter O'Grady played the Djinn. It was ace! My son was a bit upset by the loud noises at first but as I took him out he started to get curious, and I brought him back in. 15 minutes in and he was sat on my wife's lap (and later mine) looking intently at the action and taking everything in. By the end he was really happy and excited about it all.

Fantastic night out, fantastic production, and my first pantomime since Pirates of Penzance (if it is a panto) many many years ago.

Now, in a return to toy soldiers, Jellicoe and I are planning a Warhammer 40K 'Apocalypse' game in Feburary. So I'll be painting up some Chaos Space Marines for that in a (probably futile) attempt to get my contribution to the Forces of Darkness fully painted. I counted them - 'just' 23 models to paint (6 Veterans, 4 Icon Bearers, 3 Bikers, 5 half-painted Marines and 5 half-painted Terminators). At the same time I'm going to be tackling some more Necromunda stuff - probably Ratskins or Hired Guns for the moment. Ideally I'd like to have all my Necromunda models painted by Salute! 2010.

In terms of Unpainted Mountain projects, I intend to complete one whole 40K Guard Army this year - my Parvassian Dragoons (Armageddon Steel Legion models), a 1,500pt army which only needs a Forgeworld Cyclops demolition vehicle to complete. They'll be painted up in greys with snow bases, and I intend to convert the Ratlings to have both gas mask bags and boots, as I don't think even Hobbits in Space would like to walk around in arctic conditions without boots.

So: for 2010:

1) The Pantokrator's Fallen Men - 40K Chaos Space Marines
2) Necromunda: Ratskins, Hired Guns, Orlocks, 'spare' Escher and Goliaths
3) Parvassian 9th Dragoons - 40K Imperial Guard
4) Very British Civil War stuff

That should take me through into the summer at least, after which I'll (re)consider where I am and see what I think needs doing next. Now I'm going back to sleep and then I'm going to hunt down the bloody information cables so I can show you the Automatics.

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