Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Action Squad and the Red Witch

Quick post-prandial (paintial?) update for you, my loyal readers:

I finished touching up the BUF men from Al Front, and redid their bases (a simple grey drybrush over a black paintjob). They look rather good actually!

I then went to start undercoating my own, only to discover I've run out of black paint! Aieee! A trip to GW or ModelZone may be required... Having been foiled in my scheme to effectively paint up the rest of the 12-strong Action Squad which forms part of my State Forces for 'Police Action' (see below), I turned to a model which had failed to inspire me of late:

Reaper Miniatures' witch, or, in my hands, the Red Witch. I picked her up, started painting, and very nearly finished her! I was amazed! I still need to work on this translucent clothing business, especially as I want to showcase it on my forthcoming Song of Blades and Heroes warband, but nonetheless I'm pleased with how it looks so far.

All I really need to do on her now is some detailing, her leather gauntlet, staff, hair and base. She should be done tomorrow, which'll be good.

Having reviewed my BUF contingent:

3x pistol-wielding officers
1x NCO with MP-28
1x NCO with shotgun
7x Riflemen

And compared them with my proposed list for Police Action:

1x Officer
2x NCOs with SMGs
1x Shotgun
12x Riflemen
1x plainclothesman
1x female driver

I note that I'm lacking 5 riflemen (although I am reliably informed that the reason for this is because, unsportingly, the Empress Miniatures' Assault Guards are wearing a mix of monos and shirt/trouser ensembles), 1 NCO with SMG, the driver and the plainclothesman. My new, revised list, is:

3x Officer with pistols
1x NCO with SMG, 1x NCO with shotgun
12x Riflemen
1x driver

This gives me:

Staff car - Officer, driver
Truck 1 - Officer, NCO, 6 riflemen (inc. driver)
Truck 2 - Officer, NCO, 6 riflemen (inc. driver)

The female driver will come from the 'Scotland Yard Detectives' pack from Artizan Designs. The two plain clothes detectives in it will be part of the Police presence.

The remaining 5 riflemen will be made up of Empress Miniatures' Assault Guard Rifles 1 and 2 packs (leaving 3 spare who will either be given to Al Front for his 28mm SCW, or hung onto and used as, well, BUF men!)

All told, the BUF will cost me - not including vehicles - £15 at Salute! 2010. Not bad at all really.


Al Front has very kindly sent me a Lledo 1:43 staff car - a 1930 Bentley two-seater in dark blue with the British flag and number '1' on the side - for the Action Squad. Brilliantly, the '1' could pass for an 'I', which was the correct deisgnation of the BUF's defence squads; the 'I' Squads.

I'm now musing over what trucks to buy for the 'I' Squad - armoured Lancias, or civilian trucks, or one of each?

Also, I'm tempted to use the Lewis gunner from Musketeer Miniatures BCW03 British Militia Command pack as a BUF man - I'd need to head swap to keep him in line with the rest of the I Squad, but it'd certainly give them a bit of extra punch. Thoughts?

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