Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Buttocks! or, The Perils of Parenthood

The reason there's no photos is because my 10 month old son has made off with the camera lead.

At least, that's what we think has happened - it was last seen in his possession so I suspect it of being under the sofa. I'm going to have a concerted effort to find the damn thing as there's a lot to photograph!

In addition to the Daemonette and Chaos Marauder Heroine, I've effectively finished one of the Goliath Juves (he needs his base doing and the name writing on it), and undercoated the remaining BUF men and woman as well as the Anarchist LMG team and Back of Beyond character types.

And today I received my Hasslefree order and the Bentley staff car, which looks perfect with my BUF chaps! Hurrah!

Talking of the BUF, the VBCW lot on The Gentleman's Wargames Parlour have begun preparations for a 'Big Game' at Evesham over the weekend of the 27-28th Feb, in which I have the part of Frank Wilde, decorated veteran of WWI and local BUF Militia CO. More on that in the weeks to come.

And now - to find the cable! I have toys to photograph!

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