Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day - Workers Of The World: Open Your Presents!

I hope you all had a cracking Christmas. I did! Lots of presents opened, food consumed, and crackers... er... cracked?

Here's a few pictures of the gun truck (I am reliably informed that the naval gun is "probably" a 75mm equivalent, which in 1938 is easily capable of punching through any tank around; even better it fires HE shells as well), its gunnery officer, and the Song of Blades and Heroes warband that I got from my son yesterday.

Since these photos were taken I've repainted the flag to the red-white-blue of the BUF rather than this black-white Solway version, mainly to fit in with the rest of my force.

The figure in the middle is Studio McVey's 'Seraphine la Roux', a voodoo priestess I think. She's slightly large at 32mm (ish) but frankly I think it just makes her look even more imposing and perfect for the role of cult leader. The sculpting is incredible, it really is a work of art! The others are Hasslefree miniatures (Akanke, Nubian with Spear, Nubian with Spear and Shield).

I hope to get some painting done this evening but I doubt it'll happen - at any rate, when I get back to work I've got the second member of the gun crew to paint, a BUF colour sergeant, and some Goliaths to paint.

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