Monday, 21 December 2009

Space 2200: The Greater Israel Armed Forces

Today, at lunch, I painted four more Greater Israeli troopers (pics up tonight). I also bashed out a platoon list for Stargrunt II, which looks something like this:

1st Squad:
Lt, Electronic Warfare/Comms tech, plasma gunner, Platoon Sgt, Cpl, Guided Missile System Portable (GMS/P), Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), trooper (8 figs)

2nd Squad:
Cpl, L/Cpl, SAW, SAW, plasma gunner, GMS/P, 2 troopers (8 figs)

3rd Squad:
Sniper, spotter, medic, orderly

In order to reach this, I need to buy 2x plasma gunners, the kneeling sniper, the pointing officer, another SAW, another GMS/P, another trooper, and the EW/C2 figure. All for the princely sum of £8!

Anyway, that all adds up to a platoon of 20 soldiers in light powered armour (rigid composite plates over a flexible powered nano-fibre carbon-weave bodysuit, giving full NNBC* protection and strength enhancement). I'm tempted to add a grav tank, if I can find a decent enough one, and some 'heavy' powered armour troopers. We shall see what Salute! 2010 brings.

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 4
2009 Total: 47

* NNBC - Nanonic, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare

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