Friday, 18 December 2009

Progress Report - the first 25 days

I've been painting figures at work for 25 days now, and have amassed some 39 OPP.

This works out at 1.6 figures a day, on average. If you disregard the Rolls Royce Armoured Car (34 OPP), or count it as one model rather than five (35 OPP), it becomes 1.4 figures a day.

I'm very pleasantly surprised! Especially as I've only bought myself four models since beginning this mad crusade, which makes my net gain some 31 painted models over just under a month's worth of painting.


Of course this'll change somewhat come January as I splurge on Musketeer, Empress and Woodbine Design Co. figures and heads for my putative VBCW BUF force, but hey ho. Win some - lose some, and all that.

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