Thursday, 31 December 2009

Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls, For It Tolls For You

Today I finished the Terminator with Cyclone MLRS that I promised to my best friends' cousin. He looks rather spiffing, in a purple/green suit of armour with a Greek sigma for a chapter symbol. I've based him up on an alien world (the cobalt deserts of Gehemene!) because I've wanted to do that to a figure for ages.

I've also come very close to finishing the ninth and last Automatic, and will probably get him done before I head home for a ten-day holiday (including New Years' Day and weekends) which is well deserved in my opinion.

That does mean, however, that updates may be sporadic and painting time will take a back seat to family, which is fair enough. I will, however, post pictures of the last two Automatics, the full gang, and the Cyclone Terminator.

Oh, and if you get the chance, watch Day of the Triffids on BBC iPlayer, it's excellent.

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 6
2009 Total: 58 - 29 a month!

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