Thursday, 17 December 2009

Over 500 views! Oh, and some painting...

Wow! Over 500 views of my 'umble 'log already? I'm flattered - thank you. You push me to paint, which can only be a good thing. Although... more comments would be greatly received if my esteemed readers have the time!

Wot I did Today:

Firstly, I painted up a Greater Israeli Army soldier in light powered armour - aka a GZG New Israeli - for my 'Space 2200' project (which in turn feeds out from my EuroFed Riot project). He looks rather snazzy even if I do say so myself, in grey and brown armour with a black ceramic composite bullpup airburst over-under gauss rifle*, and dark green visor. I kept insignia to a minimum - blue Star of David on the left pauldron, black two-forked lightning strike on the right, name and blood group on the left breast.

More of them to come - he was quick to paint up and looks suitably professional.

Then I started on my Goliath Gang boss, who has fetching pink-purple-blue tartan trousers, green work boots, and a fashionable rainbow mohawk (not to mention a ruddy great big pistol). In the same vein, I named my other Juve: Nik Puke.

In order to whet your appetites for the eventual pictures...

National Bolshevik Republic forward observation team. Note the low-tech level of their equipment; the NBR army is so large that the elite 'Assault Guard' units with powered armour are both rare and still outnumber most other armies. The NBR uses soldiers like these to garrison their colonies.

'Force Generica' - this lot can represent any mid-tech colonial defence force; in this case they could be the troopers from the Free Colony World of Olor.

Tomorrow, I hope to finish the Boss and the rest of the first GIA fireteam (2x inf, 1x sniper, 1x GMS-P).

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 13
2009 Total: 36

* 10mm gauss rifle with integral 15mm variable-yield HE 'metal storm' UGL.

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