Friday, 4 December 2009

Limited Palettes

Today I have just under 30 minutes of painting time, split into two 15 minute blocks. This is typical for Fridays, as the weekly departmental lunch is something of a sacred cow.

However, it does mean that I'll come tantalisingly close to finishing off Kalee (b), in large part thanks to the extremely limited palette I'm using (and will continue to use throughout my WFB Chaos army). This technique of limiting the number of colours used provides an instant thematic bond between all the models, regardless of size or manufacturer. Not only that, but it enables you to mass-paint units and characters quickly and to a high standard. So what is my palette?

Black and white, with red, gold, and silver as the principal detail colours. Other colours - purples, pinks, blues etc - do make an appearance, but only for very specific details or where required. This extends to skin tones as well; with black and white being very much in vogue in this particular Chaos Horde. It has the effect of making the army leap out from the table, ties together all the disparate units, and enables me to paint each model differently without worrying about any impact on painting time.

As always, pictures up at some point next Monday.

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