Saturday, 19 December 2009

Adding Up? What's That?

The good news is, I bought a new camera cable so I can put photos up again. Huzzah! Actually, it's quite an amusing story. I went to Currys', and asked a staffer "Do you have a cable for this camera?" "We do," he said, "but it's £20 and far too expensive. Go to Maplin's instead, they'll have it for less." So I did, and got it for £9.

The bad news is, I can't count.

1x Tau NCO
1x Grymn NCO
1x Elf (Mordheim)
1x Female Bounty Hunter
8x Skye Battalion
7x BUF
2x Police
6x Anarchists
4x Greater Israeli Army
3x Necromunda (2 Goliath Juves, 1 Escher Ganger)
1x Armoured Car
1x Mega-City 1 Ganger
1x Red Witch
1x Chaos Heroine
1x Daemonette

Adds up to 43 Olley Painting Points, not 39!

Which means, over 25 days, I've an average of 1.7 OPP a day. Counting the a/c as just one figure (38 PP) gives me an average of 1.5 - not bad at all really.

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 17 (Armoured Car, 2 police, 1 BUF driver, 4 GIA troopers, 1 Escher Ganger, 3 Anarchists, 1 GMC1 Ganger)
2009 Total: 43

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