Monday, 1 February 2010

Lord Of All Things

Ahaaa! The Pantokrator is finished! He looks remarkably subdued, colour-wise, compared to most Chaos Lords, but then again - who's going to argue with an 8' tall Tactical Dreadnought armoured, bio-genetically engineered psychopath with foot-long electrically-charged monomolecular edged finger-blades who wears the flayed skin of his enemies as an Ikon at his waist and decorates his armour with polished bone and a pet daemon?

I thought so.

He makes a suitable centrepoint for the Fallen Men at any rate, which is important, and hopefully his relatively low-key appearance will prevent my opponents from fearing him too much. Their mistake.

I also painted the Black Legionnaires' bedrolls, puttees and rifle furniture, and hopefully will have them finished by the end of the week. Booking my train tickets to Evesham for the Second Big Game this week, too, along with the Valentine's Day Suprise for my wife.

Oh, and I also managed to reschedule my Necromunda game for this week, so expect an AAR on Thursday night or Friday - with pictures!

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 1
2010 Total: 16
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 74

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