Monday, 22 February 2010

Aliens And Volunteers

Today I painted up four Copplestone White Russians - two officers and two riflemen - as troops from the Markov Officers' Regiment and the famous Kornilov Shock Infantry Regiment. I got a few uniform details wrong, such as white piping at the top of the stand collars rather than the bottom, but overall I'm happy with them. They're destined for the collection of Al Front - which is where they originally came from!


Since writing this, I went back to them and corrected the errors. Hurrah!

I also painted up a Guardian Defender squad leader type (technically he's the Number 2 for the weapons platform I did last week, but hey - who's checking?). He looks quite snazzy, but the white armour is a swine to paint. I think I'll do the rest of the squad in the same green-and-white as the weapons platform operator.

A good start to the week, figure wise. Still no photos, but feast your eyes on these:


L-R: Battle for Macragge Space Marine Sergeant, Captain Sixtus v2 (5th Edition special character model), Captain Sixtus v1 (2nd Edition Ultramarine Captain). The Sgt and Sixtus 2 are the start of my Project 2nd Edition: I'm rebuilding my old 2nd Edition Ultramarine army which I had when I was 9-10 using modern (4th and 5th edition) models. Good, eh? You can also see how I've improved - both versions of Sixtus were painted to the best of my ability: number 1 when I was 10, number 2 when I was 22!

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 5
2010 Total: 44
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 102 Hurrah! Past the 100 mark!

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