Friday, 26 February 2010

We'll Keep The Red Flag Flying Heeere!

I took a short lunch today on the grounds of work, but managed to get two CPGB chaps from the Shock Group done. I rather like them - leather jackets, SMGs (a Bergmann and a Beretta) and a general air of proletarian vigour. I suspect that, in game(s), the Shock Group will be quite potent if it gets close up - the combination of SMGs and hand grenades is quite powerful.

I also basecoated two Dire Avengers and blocked in the armour for the Farseer. A good base to work from next week.

Next week I aim to paint the Dire Avengers, Farseer, and a chunk of the CPGB chaps.

To keep you entertained, here are some more gems from my collection:

A 2nd Edition metal Stormtrooper for my 2nd/4th Edition Imperial Guard Army. His shoulder patch indicates that he is from 1st Squad, Yellow Platoon, Blue Company, White Battalion.

A better set of views of the Sgt for 1st Tactical Squad, 2nd Company, Ultramarines Chapter Strike Force Sixtus. He is from the Battle for Macragge set, and replaces my very first ever Space Marine Sgt. If I can find that model I'll put a set of comparison pictures up to show what a difference a decade of painting makes!

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 11
2010 Total: 50
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 108

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