Wednesday, 3 February 2010

La Legione Nera

Well, I finished them - the Black Legion, or a bunch of Italian ex-pat fascists from London who joined the Casa del Fascio's militia and found themselves turned into a unit that roams the country in armoured lorries, supporting local BUF militias and Action Groups as and where necessary.

Their next action will be in Somerset; here's hoping la Legione Nera will do better than the CVT...

Next up on the painting desk is the Praetor of Orpheus. I hope to get his white armour painted in my afternoon break, and then he shouldn't take too long to finish off after that. Then I'm going to do the 3" mortar and Vickers MMG of the Somerset BUF. I think gloss black tin helmets should be fun.

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 13
2010 Total: 28
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 86

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  1. CVT at Guadalajara - much maligned. The Republicans had local air supremacy as the Italian airfields were swamped by the heavy rain that bogged down the Italian advance.

    And, of course, it was the Republic that lost - despite the excellent Soviet kit.