Monday, 8 February 2010

A Cereal Packet

Over the weekend, my friend S, who I've known since we were four, came to stay (and visit some other friends). While he was here, we had a short mini-campaign of Necromunda with my Ratskins versus his Van Saar. I ended it with a significantly higher gang rating than his, but he defeated me in three out of five games!

The first one was played with no terrain at all - just the Gangs of Mega-City One playmat, with -1 and -2 to hit depending on what bit you were on. I lost, but only just, failing a bottle test on the first attempt. Ho hum. In the morning, I thought "Hm, I'm bored" and built the little cardboard buildings that came with GoMC1. They're actually really good - simple, boxy little kits that fit the cartoony feel of GoMC1. Massively out of scale - 2" x 3" x 4" on average - but they look nice and, most importantly, they were terrain!

So, we had a few more games, and I lost the first two (again) and finally got a victory when I rescued a Ratskin who'd been captured. Anyway, while S went off to a party, I had a brainwave, and grabbed an old cereal box and my UHU glue, ruler, pencil and scissors. It was Blue Peter time!

Fairly quickly I ended up with a three-storey slum-tenement (upper floor burnt out), a bungalow medical clinic and a two-storey ruined shop. I haven't quite finished painting them yet, but I'll probably get them done tonight, and stick some pictures up too.

They got used in the last game we played, last night, which I won quite convincingly. End tally: I killed five of his gang (including his first leader, in the first game!), he killed two of mine. I ended up with a Gang Rating of 1,946 and he ended up with a rating of 1,600-1,700. The Bloody Band emerges victorious!

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