Thursday, 11 February 2010

Slimy Sid

Well, another one bites the paint. Started (and finished) Slimy Sid, a random Goliath Juve who isn't yet part of the Automatics but could well be if they get another game.

He looks pretty cool - red jeans, black leather and gold accoutrements with a purple mohawk. Have it! I also managed to drop Ded Cred and watch his heavy stubber, its ammo tin, and his autogun detach themselves from him and vanish in three different directions.

All were found and reattached later. Hurray!

Then I did a bit more on the Elf Noble in Heavy Armour with Sword and Shield from Games Workshop who will, eventually, be both a figure in my Mordheim Elf warband and my Warhammer Fantasy Battle High Elf army of Tor Sethain.

Oh yes, and this morning while eating my cornflakes (OK, rice krispies, who's checking) , I built a small two-story power station/transformer station. It's in two parts - the top floor can be a small (2"x2") building in its own right, or you can position it on the 3"x3" lower floor and provide models with a bit of a walkway type thing.

I've got enough card for probably one more (ruined) building and then I think I'll call it a day - I've expanded the original four buildings that came in the Gangs of Mega City One box to 10 (9 if you stack the two parts of the powers station). That's plenty for the 3'x2' playmat. The last ruin will be as big as I can make it, and then it'll be time for some mass painting.

Anyone got any ideas for a 2"x3" picture I could use for a vertical billboard? I was thinking of finding something suitably at odds with the dystopian landscape; perhaps a beauty product ad or something. Either that or a Justice Department poster:



How about this:

Olley Painting Points:
This Week: 3
2010 Total: 33
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 91

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