Tuesday, 23 February 2010

So THAT'S What Paint Tastes Like

PROTIP: When painting, do not stick the tip of your fully loaded paintbrush in your mouth to give it a point before you wash it. Eurrrgh!

On a less paintophage note, I finally finished my Priestess of Ssotay (hurrah) which sort-of-for-now finishes my Accrani Song of Blades and Heroes warband for my Azabhande setting. She looks pretty cool, and I've tried a few new tricks on her just for fun. I'll talk about them when I get the pictures up, probably this weekend.

Then, whilst discussing children's antics with someone, I painted a Police Inspector (this figure from Artizan) to fight my London Anarchists in the Very British Civil War. I think I may have his uniform wrong, but I don't care. It's fictional and any discrepancies can be explained by the "it's a different timeline" hand-wave.

Now, more of my collection to sate your desire for pictures:

Six Stormtroopers from Stormtrooper Assault Force Hilfe. These are for a Stormtrooper army mounted in Valkkyries and supported by a Vulture flight - there will, eventually, be 66 Stormtroopers in six squads of 10 and a HQ of 6. Oh, and the gunships...

Possibly my most prized model, this is the Lahmian Countess D'arque of Tyrka (a principality in my Warhammer setting). I intend to create another model of Lady D'arque on a dragon, but I need the dragon first. I'm tempted to get the Heresy dragon just for gits and shiggles!

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 7
2010 Total: 46
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 104

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