Friday, 19 February 2010

Perfidious Eldar

Hurrah! I made a start on the Biel-Tan that I'm (very) slowly collecting for my lovely lady wife. Eldar because she bought herself a box of Harlequins to paint, and Biel-Tan because green's her favourite colour.

So, this morning, I dug out the Guardian Weapons Platform I made up two years ago - I did say I was collecting this army slowly - and this lunch I painted it, and the gunner, up. They look rather spiffing really! I've decided to go for a very simple colour scheme on the rank-and-file, and pay more attention to Warlocks, the Farseer, Exarchs, and so on.

Al Front, he of the arms-smuggling, sent me a package which arrived at work today. Inside were 10 Warlord Games plastic Roman Legionaries, to go with my lone Legionary I got from Wargames Illustrated, and four semi-uniformed chaps with Moisin-Nagant rifles and PPsH SMGs. Immediately I thought "Aha! CPGB Liverpudlians for a VBCW!"

Which means that I now feel the need to build a force of horse-drawn CPGB revolutionaries hailing from Fazakerley, and a force of loyalist Kings' Rgt men to oppose them. Great. Thanks, Al Front, my wallet loves you!

And now, because I'm bored of the lack of photos, some of my collection:

The core of my Darendaran X Mechanised Imperial Guard. This is now set to be expanded, quite significantly, and requires rebasing to fit a snow/ice/winter theme.

Waaagh! Da Orks! Evil Sunz wartrakk. The first finished element of a 1,500point Kult of Speed for 4th Edition 40K.

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 5
2010 Total: 39
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 97

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