Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Dakka Dakka Dakka

Today I finished Ded Cred with Heavy Stubber. I'm quite pleased, actually - he looks a lot better than the original did, and I even managed to GS a strap to hold his autogun in place.

Together with Kal Kutter, my Heavies now make the Automatics quite scary, being able to effectively cover the entire board and pump out 3 sustained fire dice (between 3-9 shots a turn) at S4/8 with an ammo roll of 2+ thanks to my two Armourers. If all that meant nothing to you, don't worry, it confuses me too sometimes.

I also painted the priestess' gold jewellery. I opted to paint it straight Shining Gold, as it leaps out more against her skin. I think tomorrow I'll be painting more Necromunda before I do anything else.

Unfortunately, and contrary to previous thinking, I won't be able to attend the Big Game at Evesham because it's just too expensive. I have too many bills to pay and not enough to go round once they're paid. To slip into whinge territory, very briefly:

I earn £1,433 a month after tax (this will go down this month, I think, as I have exceeded the threshold for tax above NI and Student Loan Repayments). This is immediately eaten by our £1,225/month rent.

We then get around £200 a week in Working Family Tax Credits, which is swallowed up by food, travel expenses (to get to work), and bills. This month our disposable income (£50 each - this would originally have got me to Evesham) had to go on paying off an old and outstanding tax bill.

End result - I can't go. I just can't afford it! I had hoped to be able to get the tickets in two goes (train return to Warwick - £30, bus tickets to Evesham and back - £20) , but ... I just can't.

Sorry, chaps! If any of you are reading this blog.

Olley Painting Points:

This Week: 2
2010 Total: 32
2009 Total: 58
Grand Total: 90

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